Winter Tips: Trim Your Hedges and Prune Dead Tree Limbs 

With windy weather and possible snow ahead, survey your yard and check for any dead or hanging limbs that could cause damage in a storm or come down with heavy winds or snow. If you see tree limbs that could be hazardous give us a call (804) 550-1760 and we will give you a FREE quote  of what it will cost to prune this for you.  Also, to prevent heavy snow and ice weighing down or breaking your favorite shrubs trimming back the dormant shrubs helps.

You can help Protect Plants with Mulch – As the temperatures drop, adding mulch around the bases of your trees and shrubs helps to protect the plants from the cooler weather. Note: To prevent the stems and bark from rotting, do not place the mulch up again the trunk of the tree or shrubs; leave a one-to-two-inch radius around the base of the trunk. It’s recommended to wait until the first hard freeze to apply the mulch two-to-four inches deep around your plants. You’ll want to cover the soil evenly and completely, but do not pack it down.

Prepare the Snow Blower  Snow season is just around the corner and you’ll want to make sure your snow blower and or snow thrower is ready for the first snow (if any). Now is the time to make sure it is charged and ready so you don’t strain your back shoveling snow.