As a homeowner, you enjoy the trees in your yard. They beautify your yard, give shade, protect your home from the weather elements and increase your home’s value.

However, these trees require diligent care to remain healthy and strong for years to come. Unhealthy trees present a safety hazard to your property and your family.

You can count on R.L. Elliott Enterprises, Inc. for residential tree service in Richmond, VA and the surrounding areas. Since 1988, we’ve offered comprehensive pruning/trimming, removal, and evaluation services.

Tree Pruning/Trimming

Rely on our team members to remove branches that hang near your home, fence, or street. We also remove dead or weak branches that are at risk for falling. In some cases, we can cable and brace the weak branches for support.

Our residential tree service in Richmond, VA prevents branches from damaging your home. Our pruning services also improve the shape of your trees and support healthy growth patterns.

Tree Removal

While we do all we can to preserve a tree’s life, sometimes removal is the best option. Perhaps the tree is diseased, or maybe it obstructs your home or crowds other trees.

As a Certified Arborist, Randall Elliott uses a crane and advanced techniques to remove large and dangerous trees without harming the surrounding environment.

Tree Evaluations

You might wonder whether a certain tree could fall during a storm and harm your home or family. You may also feel concerned about a diseased or insect-infested tree in your yard.

We can evaluate your trees and work to preserve their health. If a tree is at risk for falling, we can evaluate the potential and advise appropriately if the tree should be removed. We also install lightning protection system and cable trees.


We can also help you if storm damage has placed your tree in a dangerous situation. Our team has the knowledge and experience; we specialize in large and dangerous removals and professional pruning. Call us for residential tree service in Richmond, VA, at 804-550-1760.