Trees can live for hundreds of years if taken care of properly. That tall maple in your backyard could have been around for generations. Whether your tree is young or old, it’s worth the effort of caring for and maintaining it. Trees will shade your home to help with your cooling in the summer and keep winds off your home to help with your heating in the winter.

If you properly care for your trees with services from R. L. Elliott Enterprises, Inc., your trees can add value to your home and withstand storms better. For example, wind load thinning helps strong winds go through trees so they don’t snap. Give your tree its best chance at a long, healthy life with tree trimming, tree pruning, and other tree services for your Hanover, VA property.

Choose the Best Team for the Job

Your tree is beautiful and can add value to your property, but it can become a hazard if its dead limbs and branches aren’t removed. To keep you and your property safe, call R. L. Elliott Enterprises, Inc. to receive a free quote for our tree care services. We can visit your property, assess the state of your tree(s), and make recommendations for the care of your tree(s). If necessary, we may even recommend tree removal to protect your property.

You can trust advice from R. L. Elliott Enterprises, Inc. because we have been in business for 27 years, we have a Certified Arborist on staff, and our owner is also a Certified Arborist. A Certified Arborist must attend continuing education to maintain his or her license. We are knowledgeable about the trees commonly found in Hanover, VA and the surrounding areas.

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Whether you need one limb removed, the whole tree pruned, or the tree removed, we have been servicing Hanover, VA and the surrounding areas for 27 years. We are fully licensed and insured, and we have the equipment to do the job right. We are a drug- and alcohol-free company, and we live, work, and play in Hanover, VA.

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