Stump Removal Service


We take care of stump removal no matter the size at an affordable price with quality service.

  • Have you had stumps sitting in your yard for a while and want to get rid of them?
  • Did you just have a tree removed and want that stump gone also?
  • Are you looking for the full removal of tree and want to make sure the stump is gone too?

We have you covered! Our stump removal services are composed not only of grinding the stump out but also cleaning and removing any and all debris left behind by the process.

Stump Removal Services in Richmond Virginia

Stump removal is done by Grinding

After the stump is ground out there will be a pile of mulch sitting where the stump used to be as a result of the machine’s grinding. You can either choose to leave it or have the mulch removed. Topsoil can be added and seeded and you will not be able to tell that there was a tree there before.

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