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Employment opportunity:

We are seeking an experienced Tree Climber. This is a Full Time Position Requirements are: 3 years of climbing experience, must be able to climb with and without hooks, be experienced in removals and pruning using ISA ANSI A300 Pruning Standards. Be able to operate a bucket truck in a safe manner. Must be hard working and […]

Why Tree Topping is bad for a Tree

topping a tree is expensive, mutilating , and obsolete yet still widely done

Experts Agree. DON’T TOP YOUR TREE! Tree topping is mutilating, expensive, and obsolete however it is still down widespread. Why? There are two major reasons: myth and lack of understanding about proper tree care. What is Tree Topping? Tree topping is drastic removal or cutting back of large branches in mature trees which leaves large, […]

Winter Tips:

Winter Tips: Trim Your Hedges and Prune Dead Tree Limbs – With windy weather and possible snow ahead, survey your yard and check for any dead or hanging limbs that could cause damage in a storm or come down with heavy winds or snow. If you see tree limbs that could be hazardous give us a […]


Storms can happen any time of year. Late summer and fall traditionally can bring some challenging weather related work to tree companies. The combination of weather patterns, depending on geographic area, that can result in thunderstorms, saturated soils, high winds, hurricanes, or even early wet heavy snowfalls can challenge the strongest of trees’ canopy structures […]

Heavy Rains and Winds

Heavy rains and winds can cause trees to topple over. After heavy rains and winds we receive a lot of calls from people finding broken limbs and sometimes whole trees on their vehicles, driveways, homes, and in their yards. Trees and branches have the potential for failure in storm situations. There are signs you can […]